Monday 19 January 2009

XAGE Private Alpha v0.2 - Download

The second alpha release is now ready. There is a changelog with the attached readme, but here's a summary of the main changes for v0.2:
  • XAGETOOL now works with XAGE projects ("Game.xag") which references five sections of inerpreted game content (intro, menu, tutorial, game & credits).
  • XAGE now takes any size for game screen, so can be used to develop retro 320*200 titles or 1280*720 behemoths. Each section can also have its own screen size and scale, so a retro game can still have a fancy Hi-Def intro and menu screen.
  • XAGE games can now be deployed to the xbox 360 with the included skeleton project for Visual Studio 2008.
  • Numerous tweaks and bugfixes.
There's a lot of fiddly little things to deal with for Xbox games to ensure you'll pass peer review, like dealing with unexpected controller unplugs or profile sign-outs. These have now been dealt with. The next release will focus on the outstanding functionality. As usual, if you'd like to get your hands on it, please email for the download link.


Anonymous said...

I've been kind of busy, I probably won't get to trying this for a while. That's why I'm not emailing you right away. When I'm done with a few things I'll email you about the 0.2 to test.

Anonymous said...

There is also another full XNA 3D adventure game made for Amnesty International: Pictures for truth