Wednesday 8 July 2009


As I'm practically providing 24 hour care at the moment, I have very little time for anything, let alone coding. This means I am spending a lot more time thinking about all things XAGE than actually doing anything productive.

As you can only mull over algorithms and design for so long, I've started to devote more time thinking about the eventual ramping up of the PR machine. I've been collecting a number of decent articles on publicising independant games, though it has become obvious that this is the part of XAGE's lifecycle that I'm looking forward to least. It's cold and calculating but a necessary evil.

Increasingly people have mentioned that twitter is good for (ugh) networking, (ick) public relations and (hurray!) stalking celebrities. To this end I've created an XAGE twitter account. I generally avoid sending text messages and have a distate for anything that encourages netspeak, but having used it for a few days I can see its merits (besides following the ravings of Charlie Brooker). Updates may be few and far between for the time being.

All being said, all the publicity in the world is next to useless if you don't have a decent product. One day I'll get around to fixing those damnable dynamic object boxes.

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