Thursday 10 September 2009

AGS to XAGE: Pixel Hunt

There aren't many open source AGS games, but I discovered that by hacking away at the code I've been able to get Andrew 'SSH' MacCormack's Pixel Hunt updated to the current version of AGS (most likely breaking a whole bunch of things in the process - I'm no AGS expert). An up to date source code meant that it became the third AGS game to get the XAGE conversion treatment. Running under AGS vs XAGE:


As you can see above, I've finally started making some progress rewriting XAGE's GUI system as I want this completed before realeasing T4w. The AGS GUI Buttons are more or less displaying correctly on the screen, though they don't do much else at the moment. Notable differences:
  • Dynamic Cursor not yet implemented (top).
  • VerbCoint not yet implemented (sitting happily in the top left hand corner).
  • Pixel Car missing (centre, most likely a scripting inconsistency).
  • GUI Labels not yet implemented (bottom left, 'SSH Productions' etc).
  • New inventory system not yet implemented (bottom middle, white gfx card).
  • GUI Button Text not using correct colours (bottom right - not yet sure where to find this in AGS Editor) .
Disclaimer: There's the tiniest sliver of nepotism in this post as SSH runs the AGS Blog and occasionally says some rather nice things about the XAGE project. There was also a very positive plug on xnPlay a few weeks back. All PR help is appreciated! Likewise, any developers with AGS source code they don't mind sharing - please get in touch. The more I get my hands on the more the conversion process improves.


Dualnames said...

I'd love to give some insight on the AGS part if you wish. (Also I'd like to see my game on this!)

Stu said...

How easy/difficult is it to port an AGS game over to XAGE? Are there any things we could do (or avoid) as AGS developers to make the process easier for you?

Clarvalon said...

DN: Thanks - I was actually hoping someone could tell me where the colours for GUI Buttons are set in AGS Editor (those which do not use an image) - or are the grey colours default? I really ought to use the AGS Forums more.

Stu: In terms of the automated conversion, it's pretty easy. For instance, I've just tried converting over a MAGS game called Airbreak and the whole process from start to finish (from downloading the source code to running it under XAGE) took no more than fifteen minutes.

However, as the conversion is quite shallow, there will inevitably need to be some effort on the part of the developer to fix or work around any missing functionality in XAGE.

Various things are currently completely unsupported - modules, AGS fonts, text parsers etc. The conversion is still very much barebones.

The most helpful thing any AGS developer could do is lend their support to the Export Room functionality in AGS Editor, perhaps by posting on this thread:

If CJ adds the above functionality then it will make life ten times better for myself and anyone hoping to convert their AGS games to the Xbox.

Dualnames said...

The grey colours are default, via AGS you can't change that colour, but only the image.

Clarvalon said...

Aha, thanks. Wasn't sure if I'd missed some setting somewhere.