Thursday 10 June 2010

The Holy Triumvirate of Timesinks

We are passing through a short period of History that scientists and theologians alike will later agree to describe as, "Mentally Busy". This doesn't look set to change over the next six weeks due to Red Dead Redemption, the World Cup and a long overdue house move.

I haven't completed a game since GTA4, so it is fitting that RDR is the first game in two years that has managed to sustain my attention despite the numerous obligations and distractions. It's a very pretty title that manages to be supremely well crafted and horrendously buggy at the same time. Just riding around shooting at wildlife is extremely satisfying. That probably makes me a bad person.

Here's a free tip on how to upset your significant other: Tell her that most of your happiest memories revolve around the World Cup.

Finally, by early-July I should be in a position to shave a whopping 12-15 hours off my weekly commute which will give me, amongst other things, more time to spend working on that pesky game engine thingy.

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