Saturday 18 April 2009

Refactor, Bugfix, Itch

The overall response to the AGS converter, despite its infancy, has been pretty positive so it's something I'll continue to work on. It's probably worth reiterating that my little engine is not an official port of AGS, or in any way affiliated or endorsed by it; they are two seperate engines that share some general goals & functionality. Also, the conversion only ever takes place at the developer's project level, not with the compiled AGS game as this would be unethical (and also really hard).

I've taken a closer look at AGS's file structure and it is in fact possible to glean quite a bit more information than I originally thought. I've started a component that picks out all the dialogue options and then parses the associated dialogue script for the associated behavious, which map quite nicely to XAGE's Actions.

This cannot be ported over just yet as there's no equivalent functionality in XAGE - as much as I'm itching to dive in and start work on the Conversation system, there's a whole bunch of bugfixing and refactoring to do first. Walkboxes are now (fingers crossed) feature complete, and the graphics control in the Editor is more user friendly with mousewheel zooming and right-click scrolling. It also better illustrates which pixel you're selecting and a few other handy things like showing WalkBox connectivity. Here's a mini-changelog:
  • FIXED: Character Panel slow due to obsolete links
  • FIXED: Anim Frames getting width & height out by one pixel
  • FIXED: Removed clumsy indexing for Anims, CustomAnimSteps & Actions
  • ADDED: New IF Actions (Variables & Objects)
  • ADDED: Graphic control - change get pixel depending on what we're getting (with new icons)
  • ADDED: Graphic control - drag image via right mouse button
  • ADDED: Graphic control - zooming controllable by mousewheel & cursor position
  • ADDED: Graphic control - zoom buttons no longer originate around 0,0
  • ADDED: Graphic control - show when walkboxes are connected
  • ADDED: Basic in-game debug window
  • ADDED: Active flag for WalkBoxes, amendable in scripting, resets WalkBoxMatrix
  • ADDED: onEnter event for Walkboxes - script to run when Player enters
  • ADDED: Basic AGS -> XAGE conversion

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