Tuesday 7 April 2009

Update Clickety DBP

Time's been short recently, but here's the most recent changes:
  • REMOVED: zPos - object occlusion now works purely by Yposition & hotspots.
  • FIXED: WalkBoxMatrix not always generating correctly.
  • FIXED: Characters getting stuck when three walkboxes interesect.
  • ADDED: Reporting Tools now use progress bar (can be cancelled).
  • ADDED: Character WalkSpeed customisable and affected by walkBoxscale.
  • ADDED: Visible (True/False) character/object option (removed 'Invisible' option from inRoom).
  • ADDED: "Make Player" button on Character Edit panel & scripting.
  • ADDED: Changeable Walking Speed (handy for mapviews etc.)
I cocked up with ClickOnce insofar that I hadn't realised that, whilst the XAGE Editor installation works fine, the bootstrapper (setup.exe) was being blocked by my hosting, and they are unable to change this for the time being. This means that everyone who already had the XNA 3.0 redistributable installed already had no problems, and anyone without it ran into bother.

As a workaround, any future alpha requests will get a zipped up version of the ClickOnce package to ensure that the requirements are definitely met. I'm debating whether to switch off the auto-update feature too, as various changes for v0.4 break the scripting for previous versions (at one point fatally so, as enumerations break the xml serialisation, so I reverted back to the previous system). This isn't so much of a problem at the moment, but will be in the future if people are regularly having to regression test their games to make sure new features don't make them fall over. I'll have to have a think about it.

Finally, anyone hoping to release their XAGE game to the Xbox360 might want to register for the Dream Build Play competition, which entitles you to a free 12 month creators club membership. This means you'll be able to deploy & test your game on the console itself to your heart's content, though you'll still have to cough up for a paid membership when it comes to XBLCG peer review.

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