Thursday 19 March 2009

Recent Editor improvements

An quick update as the Editor is not quite ready for the next alpha:
  • Added a new unified viewer control to replace the different ones for managing graphics, animation frames and walkboxes. It includes magnification buttons, xnb support and no longer causes mild headaches due to incessant flickering. The highlighted boxes now flash so you can more readily see what you're amending.
  • Removed local anim offsets due to reworked animation offsets (renamed to the more sensible 'hotspots') - creating animations is now a whole lot simpler.
  • Automated script creation for characters/objects (turns a three step process into one).
  • Added Audio manager to support importing of wav, mp3 and xnb formats, all playable within the editor and for use with scripting.
  • Added Font manager to add/remove different spritefonts to game from stock selection.
  • Integrated OK & Cancel buttons into main editor, removed from dynamic panels (more intuitive, quicker to use, less scrolling).
  • Added saving & loading of Editor user settings (display settings, previous projects etc).
  • Added progress bars for loading and saving.
  • Replaced most of the crappy hand drawn icons with free, professional looking ones.
  • Tightened up field validation.

Currently working on:

  • Copy room/character/object mechanism (locally and to file).
  • Spritefont preview.
  • Integrated Bug reporting and Feedback.
  • Asset protection.


Anonymous said...

Is there the possibility of a custom interface? I'm going to be a little crazy and give about 7 options for my adventure game, in the style of a pie/radial menu (or verb coin if you prefer)

btw, I have a review site now

Sorry I haven't been around for testing since I've been putting my effort into the blog.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dude,
This engine looks awesome, it's just what I've been looking for. Have you got a link to any alpha (I'm happy to wait for the next).

I'd really like a play with the engine as I'm looking at writing a scumm-esque game. Also as I said on one of your other post I do music for games so I'd be interested in producing some tunes for a point and click once the engine is finished.

If you have any tune requests send them to chris (the at sign) leate (dot) com.

you can hear one of my compositions here. I'm just putting an online portfolio of work together and look at taking on point and click as my next demo tune. In the mean time have a listen to one of my compositions

I also paint backgrounds (cartoony acrylic).

Jim said...

Sounds like things are progressing nicely.

The copying room/object feature will be handy. I'm sure it's easier (at least in the beginning) to create new rooms by modifying old ones versus creating from scratch.

I'm having fun with the first alpha! Playing around with z-orders today. --Jim

Clarvalon said...

The SCUMM-esque text verb icons are standard at the moment, but UI customisation is something I'll be implementing when I get a chance.

P.S. The green and black goes together quite well.

Clarvalon said...

@Anonymous: I couldn't get the mp3 link to work I'm afraid.

@Jimmy: Glad you're getting on ok with it. Version 0.3 is a massive improvement, I should hopefully have it ready for release in the next few weeks.

The copy mechanism is now complete. Coding it was a lot more straightforward than I thought. A nice rarity.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about that dude second time's a charm?

Clarvalon said...

Still no joy - page not found errors wherever I look.