Tuesday 14 June 2011

"Time Gentlemen, Please" on WP7

In the words of the late, great Colin Loafshorts, "Blogs are for updating, not apologising on for the lack of updates". With that in mind, here's what I've been working on in stolen hours over the past six months:

It's not so much Point 'n Click as Drag 'n Tap.

Getting the TGP port functioning at this level has taken some doing, not least because of the optimisations required to get performance anywhere near acceptable on a phone. There's still a ton of work to do, but it's getting closer.
I'd dearly love to talk about C# Scripting in XAGE, and exciting projects like Exen and Xamarin but, golly, is that the time? See you in six months!


David said...

Progress! Excellent. I read this article - will it affect your development?


Clarvalon said...

I too read the same article a few days ago. It would indeed be madness for Microsoft to drop .NET, and seems quite unlikely. The whole basis for the worry is a video demoing Html5/Javascript apps on Windows 8, and not explicitly saying anything about .NET during. Their silence about it since has been curious, though it still seems a rather flimsy reason to assume .NET is being dropped.

Microsoft do have a habit of dropping technologies but mostly ones that have failed to gain any traction, which is far from the case with .NET. With C# they have the cleanest, most advanced OO language and whilst Html5 & Javascript is likely going to be the defacto standard for front ends, it's far from the be all and end all. Performance isn't fantastic, and developing javascript is comparatively a slow, sorry experience, even with nifty libraries like JQuery.

Igor Hardy said...

Looks excellent. I hope that in the end you'll pursuit this port to the end. :)

Eleazar López said...

It is amazing. Congratulations. Which kind of licence does this engine have?


Clarvalon said...

The licenses required are summarised the licenses here: http://clarvalon.blogspot.com/2010/10/bumper-update.html

I haven't yet put too much thought into how XAGE itself will be licensed - that will be determind once the engine is out of alpha/beta.