Saturday 20 December 2008

XAGE v0.1 (Private Alpha)

It's taken a week longer than I had hoped, but the private alpha is now ready. As mentioned previously, there's a bunch of features not yet implemented and a handful of known bugs, but I've been able to test the installation package on another machine and it seems to work fine. There's a dummy game installer included which uses Microsoft's Click-Once installation to ensure you have all the requirements (dotnet 2.0, XNA Framework 3.0) and automatically downloads them if you don't. All this is covered in the readme.

If you'd like to participate, please email clarvalonATliveDOTcoDOTuk and I'll email you the link to the file (rapidshare). Please post any feedback or issues on this blog.

Much obliged.

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Clarvalon said...

Thanks to everyone who has tried XAGE so far. I've prioritised my changes for v0.2 based on their feedback (UI scalability, Xbox360 deployability, loading & saving).

The alpha is still open to anyone else who is interested - I'm keen to get as much feedback as possible.