Thursday 25 June 2009

XAGE Publc Alpha v0.4 - Download

I'm not sure of the exact date, but it's been more or less a year since I began working on XAGE, and it's a relief to finally have something to publicly show for it. You can now download it at the following link: (2.8mb, mirror)

This includes:
  • XAGE Editor (with embedded Default Game)
  • Skeleton Visual Studio Projects for Xbox360 and Silverlight (included for the people who have expressed an interest in trying them out).
It has to be pointed out that this release is more than a bit rushed as I'm completely swamped. There are quite a lot of known issues and unfinished sections, but as a whole product it's the most feature-complete version yet. It's fair to say that the included game is a little underwhelming compared to previous ones, due to lack of fancy Lucasarts graphics and varied scripting, but it should serve as a pointer on how to achieve the absolute basic effects.

As usual, XAGE is hungry for feedback and bug reports, both of which can be submitted in seconds via the built-in menu options. Likewise it would be interesting to hear the experiences of anyone attempting to use either of the VS projects or the AGS conversion tool.


Unknown said...

Nice! I'm looking forward to trying this out tonight. I've spent a few months working on my own engine, not even thinking of checking if I'm reinventing the wheel here. Just curious on your license terms, and if you have this up on source forge, svn, or anything like that for others to help contribute? Excuse me if this is already answered somewhere.

Clarvalon said...

XAGE is closed source I'm afraid, as I'm hoping to recover my development costs.

The licensing is not set yet, but will likely be as follows:

1) XAGE Editor will always be free to use (no premium or lite version).
2) Non-commercial XAGE games will be free to distrubyte.
3) Commercial XAGE games (including those on Xbox Live Indie Games channel) will be subject to a licensing agreement, which will either be a one-off payment or per-sale (depending on preference).

Isaac Shah said...

Thanks great posst