Tuesday 19 January 2010


The ninth conversion project. Abstauber from the AGS forums kindly offered to send me the source to his MAGS winner, AeroNuts. It's part SCUMM-esque point 'n click, part arcade shoot-em-up (such is the versatility of the AGS engine):


As expected, the shmup parts don't run at all. The adventuring sections are up and running, though they are not especially functional as AeroNuts, much like the HitchHikers remake, relies quite heavily on custom modules. I had to implement a small, temporary hack in order to get the character.GSay() statements to convert into XAGE Talk Actions.

It's been a useful exercise in that it has helped identify and fix a handful of bugs with both the AGS Plugin and XAGE Editor. As with all conversions, I'll be revisiting them periodically as XAGE matures. Most of them will become more playable when certain input-related functions are handled correctly. You can find the original version of AeroNuts here. Well worth a look.


Dualnames said...

Is this 8221 for real? If then good job!!!

Clarvalon said...

Yep. I fixed a small bug in the way the ags code was parsed (it expected spaces between operators and comparisons, so lines like 'num==1' wouldn't parse correctly).

The number of HH errors should drop further still in the coming weeks, and then most likely shoot up again when I start handling modules.

Dualnames said...

:P I like your confidence..