Monday 17 December 2012

Like a Traction Engine

Ortis is currently being developed in two different continents using two different engines.  How does that work?  Like this:


It's a simplification of course - Ben has input on how the different user interfaces should work, and I chip in with some AGS code and the occasional ill-conceived plot device ("What if Madelyn actually suffers from hair loss and can only stimulate her follicles using the milk of human kindness?").

As the lead creative force, it's absolutely fair to say that Ortis is primarily Ben's baby.  One advantage of the approach we're taking is that, in the unfortunate event I'm incapacitated by one of the UK's many bad drivers, he'll be free to continue and complete the game to his own satisfaction within AGS.  Assuming my good fortune continues (thirty years free from being run over and killed), we'll end up with an attractive, interesting and accessible game available on three core platforms, with potentially up to six more should interest be sufficient.