Sunday 26 April 2020

Viewports & Cameras

AGS v3.5 brought some new functionality, including dedicated mechanisms for handling Viewports and Cameras.  Put simply, this allows you to control which parts of the room to display on the screen, and allows you to do things like split-screens and simple zooms, and stuff like this:

Implementing this took longer than I thought, as I had to rework XAGE's rendering flow several times to get it right.  There's a slight overhead as we're now performing two rendering passes - one to project the game onto a room-sized rendertarget, and another to project the cameras onto the viewports on the final rendertarget, which gets displayed on the screen.  Having said that, Last & Furious still only consumes under 5% GPU on my old HD4400, so the overhead is minimal.

Next up is working on a port of Rellax which, among other things, will help me finish up some of the missing GUI controls like Sliders and Listboxes.

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