Friday 10 April 2020

Space Pool Alpha

Another AGS port has been completed - this time Steve McCrea's Space Pool Alpha, which isn't an adventure game at all but rather a vector-based pool game with spaceships.

The XAGE CoreRT build can be played on  The source code is available on github (with thanks to Steve).  An update has been pushed for XAGE alpha users so they can clone/download within XAGE itself, and tinker with it that way. 

Like Last & Furious, this was again a more technical port, where the challenge was getting the DynamicSprite and DrawingSurface performance up to an acceptable level.  The results are similar - lower CPU usage than the AGS version, and higher GPU to reflect the work being offloaded onto the graphics card.

I especially like these sorts of ports - smaller and not narrative driven - as I can iterate quickly and they allow me to tackle some of the more complicated items on the outstanding list. 

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