Friday 1 January 2010

"Taste the Day"

In the final few minutes of 2009, XAGE reached an important psychological milestone - Awakener is now playable to completion. That is, you start a new game, click on a bunch of stuff and get to the end sequence and credits:


Admittedly, there is still a lot to do. Four or five small, manual hacks are required to get certain sections to work, as there are still 123 scripting errors (acquiring the halberd has to be completely bypassed, for instance). Some of the cutscenes work perfectly and others are decidedly clunky, plus there remain a few visual glitches and oddities.

Fixing these remaining issues is going to take at least a few more weeks, possibly months depending on how much time I get to spend with it. The end aim remains the same - to have a fully complete, playable Awakener with as few manual changes required as possible.


Dualnames said...

And there's this game that started with 9779 errors and now it has increased!! Yes!

Clarvalon said...

A lot of the HitchHiker script errors are for things like unhandled function calls (e.g. blip("&179 The dog is deeply moved.")), which occur often, so once handled the number of errors should drop quite dramatically.

At least it's still under 10k :)

Dualnames said...

It's a custom function ( the blip), if you fix this you will reduce your errors to 7000!!

Clarvalon said...

That's a sizable chunk. I'm actually working on function calls and paramaterisation at the moment, so this drop should occur fairly soon.